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1J. B.4,038,576TERN
2k. m.1,114,938TERN
3M. M.1,000,475TERN
4G. M.400,000TERN
5M. C.387,591TERN
6J. P.245,489TERN
7N. S.200,000TERN
8J. P.194,397TERN
9G. S.191,696TERN
10G. R.173,247TERN
11E. L.153,255TERN
12Z. E.146,021TERN
13W. Y.142,600TERN
14J. T.127,851TERN
15T. B.123,300TERN
16M. B.121,186TERN
17Z. W.119,176TERN
18D. G.116,010TERN
19A. t.111,566TERN
20C. M.109,778TERN
21M. L.106,003TERN
22B. S.103,346TERN
23M. P.100,315TERN
24P. B.100,170TERN
25N. S.100,000TERN
26A. P.100,000TERN
27R. S.95,500TERN
28S. S.94,999TERN
29R. G.93,395TERN
30P. J.85,512TERN
31J. W.82,535TERN
32M. P.80,631TERN
33S. S.77,795TERN
34Y. K.77,777TERN
35J. H.70,223TERN
36A. M.65,520TERN
37E. H.62,470TERN
38S. A.61,632TERN
39O. S.60,721TERN
40D. K.55,625TERN
41S. L.55,613TERN
42B. U.50,000TERN
43C. W.49,999TERN
44G. B.49,193TERN
45G. G.48,172TERN
46W. A.47,980TERN
47R. N.47,516TERN
48A. J.43,149TERN
49A. P.42,492TERN
50A. F.42,072TERN
51N. W.41,880TERN
52R. D.40,562TERN
53D. P.40,000TERN
54S. V.39,421TERN
55M. F.39,417TERN
56j. d.39,213TERN
57A. G.38,724TERN
58K. L.36,750TERN
59M. M.36,127TERN
60R. S.35,755TERN
62K. Y.35,362TERN
63M. L.35,003TERN
64N. F.35,000TERN
65K. M.33,982TERN
66B. R.33,475TERN
67C. S.33,449TERN
68C. B.33,364TERN
69J. I.33,255TERN
70R. K.33,025TERN
71R. S.32,523TERN
72R. K.32,408TERN
73L. C.31,161TERN
74R. L.31,022TERN
75D. Y.30,129TERN
76C. H.30,101TERN
77M. M.30,010TERN
78N. A.30,000TERN
79R. C.30,000TERN
80V. Z.29,999TERN
81B. B.28,833TERN
82R. M.28,699TERN
83S. A.28,556TERN
84A. L.28,319TERN
85A. M.27,330TERN
86T. Y.27,259TERN
87V. C.27,224TERN
88J. G.27,168TERN
89D. T.26,958TERN
90W. B.26,726TERN
91S. H.26,453TERN
92B. B.25,547TERN
93L. N.25,527TERN
94T. L.25,306TERN
95I. K.25,132TERN
96A. S.25,051TERN
97D. H.25,000TERN
98H. E.25,000TERN
99G. S.24,462TERN
100c. D.24,270TERN