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1J. B.4,038,576TERN
2k. m.1,000,476TERN
3M. M.1,000,475TERN
4G. S.332,792TERN
5M. C.287,631TERN
6N. S.200,000TERN
7E. L.133,551TERN
8G. R.125,700TERN
9M. B.121,186TERN
10M. L.106,003TERN
11B. S.103,346TERN
12M. P.102,220TERN
13P. B.100,170TERN
14D. G.100,010TERN
15N. S.100,000TERN
16D. K.100,000TERN
17A. P.100,000TERN
18R. S.95,500TERN
19R. G.91,653TERN
20T. v.88,702TERN
21J. W.82,535TERN
22J. P.79,489TERN
23S. S.77,795TERN
24Y. K.77,777TERN
25P. J.73,121TERN
26S. S.71,137TERN
27J. T.62,036TERN
28A. B.60,000TERN
29A. M.55,520TERN
30R. M.53,684TERN
31M. P.52,859TERN
32O. S.50,036TERN
33e. b.47,982TERN
34W. A.47,980TERN
35R. N.47,516TERN
36S. L.45,842TERN
37M. C.45,729TERN
38V. Z.42,514TERN
39A. F.42,072TERN
40R. S.41,298TERN
41S. V.39,421TERN
42M. F.39,417TERN
43A. G.38,724TERN
44R. L.37,328TERN
45G. M.34,211TERN
46C. S.33,449TERN
47C. B.33,364TERN
48J. H.31,874TERN
49N. W.30,574TERN
50R. K.30,208TERN
51M. M.30,010TERN
52D. P.29,950TERN
53C. H.29,722TERN
54C. W.29,291TERN
55J. I.29,140TERN
56S. A.28,556TERN
57S. A.28,058TERN
58C. M.27,776TERN
59J. R.25,608TERN
60L. N.25,527TERN
61R. Z.25,198TERN
62K. H.25,196TERN
63G. B.25,079TERN
64A. S.25,051TERN
65L. K.25,000TERN
66N. F.25,000TERN
67H. E.25,000TERN
68B. U.24,500TERN
69G. S.24,462TERN
70V. J.24,375TERN
71c. D.24,270TERN
72M. L.23,780TERN
73D. Y.23,681TERN
74A. L.23,645TERN
75G. K.22,450TERN
76A. J.21,600TERN
77N. S.21,045TERN
78T. L.21,016TERN
79E. H.20,837TERN
80I. K.20,806TERN
81L. T.20,608TERN
82j. v.20,538TERN
83W. B.20,294TERN
84W. Y.20,005TERN
85J. L.20,000TERN
86D. M.20,000TERN
87J. B.20,000TERN
88R. B.20,000TERN
89M. L.20,000TERN
90M. C.19,578TERN
91I. M.19,475TERN
92M. T.19,424TERN
93A. B.19,306TERN
94T. K.19,291TERN
95K. L.19,060TERN
96J. T.18,929TERN
97J. P.17,887TERN
98M. B.17,705TERN
99c. n.17,077TERN
100k. l.16,732TERN