Currently available in the United States; coming soon in 31 countries in Europe.

Currently available in the United States; coming soon in 31 countries in Europe.

Currently available in the United States; coming soon in 31 countries in Europe.

Ravencoin (RVN)

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Ravencoin launched its cryptocurrency in 2018 as an open-source, digital peer-to-peer network. Ravencoin’s blockchain enables instant payments between peers around the world. Ravencoin provides useful blockchain technology that a growing community of developers utilizes to create their own assets.

Ravencoin is different from other cryptocurrencies because it held a fair launch. They created an equal opportunity for anyone to invest or mine Ravencoin’s cryptocurrency RVN on its launch. There were no pre-mine, no ICO, and no rewards coins for developers or founders. 

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What is Ravencoin (RVN)?

Ravencoin’s algorithm addresses the centralization of mining caused by ASIC hardware. Ravencoin modifies the KAWPOW mining algorithm to improve distribution for most consumer-grade, graphic processing unit (GPU) hardware to mine RVN and discourage Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) hardware development.

Ravencoin randomizes the order of different hashing algorithms to decentralize mining and keep the reward mechanism fair. The hashing randomization keeps a level playing field for users and discourages ASIC miners.

Ravencoin is a free, open-source platform dedicated to the secure transfer of tokens. The Ravencoin technology allows developers to create their own security tokens to trade worldwide. Developers can issue, track, and transfer their assets. Ravencoin allows issuers to customize the token properties. Tokens can be named, limited in quantity, and issued as collectibles or securities. 

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About Ravencoin (RVN)

Based on the Bitcoin code, Ravencoin wanted to resolve Bitcoin’s shortcomings. RVN differentiates by:

  • Offering 21 billion coin supply compared to Bitcoin’s 21 million.
  • Issuing a block reward of 5,000 RVN where Bitcoin issues 50 BTC.
  • Enabling a block time of one minute instead of Bitcoin’s time of ten minutes.

Most cryptocurrency exchanges sell and trade RVN. RVN has a circulating supply of seven billion.

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