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How to Spend Ethereum (ETH) Using the BlockCard Visa Debit Card

Ethereum is not only the second-largest cryptocurrency network after Bitcoin, but is also home to the largest array of decentralized applications (DApps) and the booming DeFi market. And all of these applications use ether (ETH) as their transactional currency. As a result, members of the Ethereum community have started the meme “ETH is money.” In…

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How to Buy Bitcoin With a Wire Transfer Using BlockCard

There are multiple ways investors can buy bitcoin today. But sometimes, the easiest way is also the best. Learn how to buy bitcoin with a wire transfer using a BlockCard bank account. What is Bitcoin? Before we jump into how to buy bitcoin with a wire transfer, let’s quickly recap what bitcoin is and why…

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BlockCard Visa Debit Card: Features, Benefits & Rewards for Crypto Users

Learn about Blockcard’s crypto Visa card and how it has transformed the concept of digital asset spending. The Card The BlockCard Visa debit card was developed in response to BlockCard’s recognition of a significant gap between digital currencies and the real-world economy. Holders of digital assets had almost no options when it came to using…

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Staking TERN: How to Earn Staking Rewards as a BlockCard Holder

Staking crypto has become one of the most popular ways to earn income on existing cryptocurrency investments. BlockCard holders have the ability to earn staking rewards every time they spend money using the marketing-leading crypto-back rewards debit card. Discover how easily you can earn crypto staking rewards when you use your BlockCard Visa Debit Card….

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Bitcoin Banking: How BlockCard Provides a Full-Service Crypto Banking Experience

Discover the features and benefits of Blockcard’s full-service bitcoin banking platform that allows you to integrate cryptocurrency into your everyday banking transactions. BlockCard: How to Get Started Blockchain enthusiasts have long awaited the arrival of a bitcoin banking service that can make cryptocurrency transactions commonplace in everyday life. With the help of BlockCard, users will…

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Show us your BlockCard in the wild for a chance to win $50!

Have you been taking advantage of all of the features that BlockCard has to offer, including the staking rewards program that allows you to earn up to 6.38% crypto back rewards? Right on!  If you love using your BlockCard to spend your crypto and want to share, we want to see it in action —…

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The Definitive Guide to Litecoin Mining Hardware

Litecoin mining is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to Bitcoin. Due to many technical differences between the two, Litecoin is seen as a more accessible and often more profitable alternative to the crypto giant. As with mining Bitcoin, picking the right pieces of hardware for the job will go a long way in increasing your…

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When is the Best Time to Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin accounts for about $156.7 billion of the world’s money. You don’t need to be part of an exclusive club to buy it. However, you should consider the best time to buy Bitcoin so that you can get the best deal. If you know when to buy Bitcoin, you can get it at a better…

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Blockchain Expanded: The Ultimate Blockchain Tutorial

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard of blockchain technology. You hear it often in tandem with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. While blockchain plays a significant role in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, this technology can go above and beyond. As these cryptocurrencies grow in popularity, so does the attention toward blockchain….

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Everything You Need to Know About How to Sell Bitcoin

Have you bought Bitcoin? If so, you might be thinking about cashing in.  A year ago, you would have bought bitcoin at around $3,000. Today, that same amount could be sold for a little over $9,000. That’s a pretty good payoff.  While buying bitcoin is pretty straightforward, selling it is a whole other story. There’s…