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What is a Crypto Wallet? – Hot Wallet, Cold Wallet, Custodial, Non-custodial

What is a crypto wallet, and how do they work? This is a question that many people ask themselves. Upon entering the world of blockchain and bitcoin, there is a range of different terms.   What Is A Crypto Wallet? Like a regular wallet, a crypto wallet is a software program that will store things…


What is Blockchain? – Public and Permissioned

It is no secret that bitcoin is a huge business. Unfortunately, many people still don’t grasp the basics. Blockchain and bitcoin have created a buzz in the financial industry for years. But now, thanks to a range of investment opportunities, it became very enticing for the general public. Something that makes blockchain so exciting is…


What Is Cryptocurrency?

You may have heard a lot about this digital currency lately and wonder what Cryptocurrency is? Just like other forms of money, it can be used to make purchases for goods or services using a very secure process, and they can also be traded for profit.    What Is Cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a type of…

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The Pros And Cons Of Paying With Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a virtual or digital currency, and all of them are based on blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies are not distributed by central authorities, meaning they resist interference by the government.  Because of cryptography, the currency cannot easily be counterfeited. Cryptocurrencies are mostly systems that permit secure online payments using assets such as virtual tokens. These…

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The Definitive Guide to Litecoin Mining Hardware

Litecoin mining is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to Bitcoin. Due to many technical differences between the two, Litecoin is seen as a more accessible and often more profitable alternative to the crypto giant. As with mining Bitcoin, picking the right pieces of hardware for the job will go a long way in increasing your…


How to Buy Bitcoin at WalMart: The Complete Guide

Want to get in on the Bitcoin game? It used to be that you could only purchase Bitcoins on exchanges, but those days are long gone. Now you can buy them on a variety of peer-to-peer platforms, and they’re even being sold at local retail stores. That’s right, you can finally pick them up at…

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How Long Does a Bitcoin Transaction Take?

Bitcoin is a type of currency that has become extremely popular in the last decade. It is a new type of currency that isn’t regulated by a single government or company. It creates a public system that anyone can access and prove that everything is Legitimate.  These are the reasons people have flocked to Bitcoin…

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When is the Best Time to Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin accounts for about $156.7 billion of the world’s money. You don’t need to be part of an exclusive club to buy it. However, you should consider the best time to buy Bitcoin so that you can get the best deal. If you know when to buy Bitcoin, you can get it at a better…

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Blockchain Expanded: The Ultimate Blockchain Tutorial

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard of blockchain technology. You hear it often in tandem with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. While blockchain plays a significant role in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, this technology can go above and beyond. As these cryptocurrencies grow in popularity, so does the attention toward blockchain….

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Everything You Need to Know About How to Sell Bitcoin

Have you bought Bitcoin? If so, you might be thinking about cashing in.  A year ago, you would have bought bitcoin at around $3,000. Today, that same amount could be sold for a little over $9,000. That’s a pretty good payoff.  While buying bitcoin is pretty straightforward, selling it is a whole other story. There’s…